Hiro Watanabe

Finance & Banking Student

I am a multidisciplinary and self-taught person who seeks excellence in all its activities. I am passionate about creating automation systems that make processes more efficient.

  • MetaTrader 4
  • TradingView
  • Microsoft Office
  • Python 3

Financial Experience

For 5 months I was trained within the Kebblar Capital company to be a cryptocurrency trader (Mainly with the BTC/USD pair), where I learned from technical analysis, using trend lines, supports, resistances and various indicators such as: Bollinger Bands , EMA's, MA's and RSI. Hence my inspiration to learn more about financial markets and how to automate operations using algorithms.


I am currently developing a robot that can be profitable and that places the orders automatically, I develop it in Pine language (Pine Editor) and I am focusing on the BTC/USD and XAU/USD pairs. I use a series of indicators that let the robot know when to buy and when to sell. My limitations at the moment are the response times of the servers.


Some of the skills that characterize me and give me value are:

Perseverance and resilience

I don't give up and always keep going.


I have the ability to manage work teams, even remotely.


I have an open mind and I like to contribute.

Frustration tolerance

Everything is possible with the necessary effort.

Problem resolution

I like to find new ways.

Optimization of processes

I don't like to waste time.

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